How To Throw The Best 4th Of July Office Party Ever

So you’ve been tasked with throwing the 4th of July office party or maybe you’re going to be stuck at work and are looking to lift everyone’s spirits. You want to provide something for everyone that’s fun, social, and gets the team bonding. That’s a lot of pressure!

That’s why we decided to put our heads together and plan the Ultimate 4th of July Party.

Here’s our list of 14 great ideas to throwing an awesome 4th of July office party!

Disclaimer – not all ideas are OSHA approved. Proceed with caution!

1. Potluck Palooza

Looking for some great ideas to bring to your office party potluck? Here’s our list of great recipes that will make Guy Fieri proud. It’s typical for the boss to either make or buy barbecue as the main course and then let everyone join in with their own favorite recipe. If you’re challenged by making your own Que – here’s our list of best barbecue joints in Dallas / Fort Worth.

People in the office watching their waistline? Veggie trays are always a good option. Put one together and add this Easy Thick & Creamy Ranch Dip.

Bringing a side dish? Try one of these Five Must Have Potluck Salad Recipes or this Flamin Hot Cheeto MacNCheese.

Can’t have a potluck without dessert, right? Perhaps this No Bake Chocolate Lasagna or these Salted Caramel Cookie Bars?

2. Patriotic Yet Bangin Music

There’s nothing like music to set the mood to take your party to the next level. We’ve scoured Spotify and have put together a great mix that will be sure to make DJ Pauly D jealous.

Office Boy 4th of July Party Playlist

In case you’re looking for more ideas, here’s 5 more playlists we found online.

  1. Fourth of July Created by: Rob Napolitano

This playlist has all of your favorite country songs and artists

  1. The Fourth of July: The 50 Best Patriotic Songs for Independence Day Created by: Various Artists

It’s as patriotic as you can get. Raise a glass and sing the National Anthem loud and proud.

  1. USA Created by: Jeremy Goyac

A great country BBQ playlist to celebrate the Red, White, and Blue.

  1. Songs About America Created by: Bena Smith

Literally just a bunch of songs about America! “Party in the USA”, “American Pie”, and all that good stuff.

  1. Fourth of July Created by: jreetz8

The description says it all: “Songs celebrating and embodying our wonderful country. Always suitable because every day is Independence Day.”

Tori Kelly performs during an Independence Day celebration. (U.S. Air Force photo by Senior Airman Areca T. Bell/Released)

3. Popsicle Connoisseur

Tried and true, the Popsicle has been a staple of Americana since Christopher Columbus landed on Plymouth Rock and spilled Kool-Aid into a Yeti cooler full of ice. From those days long ago, the Popsicle has moved into a more epicurean delight. Here’s a few Popsicle hot spots our furniture moving and installation service crews mapped out in Dallas and Fort Worth.

Best Places to get Fancy Popsicles In Dallas and Fort Worth

4. Ice Cream Social

Here’s a chance for the Company leader to serve your greatest asset, your people. The greatest leader is the greatest servant. Set up an ice cream stand, bring in a few gallons of vanilla and chocolate and serve your team! Shame on you for not letting them be at the beach!   Oh and don’t forget these important items to take things up to the next level:

Personalized Ice Cream Scooper Apron

Best Ice Cream Scoops

Use this toppings for ice cream list as a starting point for your own inspiration and creativity.

  1. Get saucy
  • Hot fudge, Caramel sauce, Chocolate sauce, Strawberry sauce, Butterscotch sauce
  1. Top it Off
  • Whipped cream, Brownie bits, Oreo cookies, Peanut butter cups, Sprinkles, M&Ms, Gummy bears, Chocolate chips, Mini marshmallows, Graham cracker crumbs, Reese’s Pieces, Chopped candy bars, Jelly beans
  1. Freshen Up
  • Strawberries, Blueberries, Raspberries, Banana, Pineapple, Cherries, Coconut, shredded
  1. Go nuts
  • Peanuts, Almonds, Walnuts, Cashews, Pecans

If you really want to go all out, I recommend the most expensive ice cream ever sold.

Scoopi Cafe in Dubai unveiled the world’s most expensive ice cream at $817 per scoop.

The Black Diamond ice cream sounds as ridiculous as the price:  expensive Iranian saffron, shaved black truffle, and a hearty helping of 23 carat edible gold leaf top a Madgascar vanilla bean ice cream.  The ice cream comes in a Versace bowl and spoon that the diner can take home.

5. Sparklers

What office party would be complete without setting something on fire inside the office? This was not one of our best ideas and failed miserably in our initial testing. We highly recommend being outside for this event! Sparklers do not do well with office smoke alarms and office sprinkler systems.   If you decide to go ahead with this idea, you may want to have this article handy.

6. Water Balloon Fight

If you end up having the office water sprinklers go off, well now is the perfect time for a good ole fashioned water balloon fight. Otherwise, this should also be taken outside.   The biggest challenge in setting up for a water balloon fight is filling up the water balloons. We found the most epic way to fill 100 balloons all at once.

7. Office Decorations

Decorating your office for 4th of July requires time and preparation, but if you don’t have time and you find yourself unprepared, you can whip something together using 3 cans of spray paint.

Try these fun spray paint projects: Flag Wreath, Firework Vases or these festive Utensil Holders!

For those who have a little more time here’s some great decorating ideas you can create from common office supplies.

And if you want to go a little extra here’s a great source of inspiration! Check out this great Sweet Land Of Liberty Party!

8. Fun Facts Trivia Game

How much do you know about the founding of this great country of ours? This is a great way to get everyone involved and look smart all at the same time.

In 1950, what character was on first metal lunchbox in the United States?

A:  Hopalong Cassidy

In which state, in 1979, did Woolworth's originate?

A:  Lancaster Pennsylvania

Which American president was the only one elected after running unopposed?

A:  George Washington

In the Muppet show, what were the old hecklers named after?

A:  New York Hotels: Waldorf and Stadler

Which American state was the first to enter the union, on the 7th of Dec 1787?

A:  Delaware  (Pennsylvania was second)

In 1924, Rice-Kellogg invented what?

A:  Loudspeakers

The Chief of the Iroquois Indians had the same name as what car?

A:  Chief Pontiac

Terry Bollea became famous but is better known as who?

A:  Hulk Hogan

What was the name of Frank Sinatra's Yacht?

A:  My Way Again

De Witt Wallace founded what magazine?

A: Readers Digest

Who wrote 'The turn of the Screw'?

A:  Henry James

What job did Al Capone do, according to his business card?

A:  Sell second hand furniture

Who else sells second hand office furniture?

A: Office Boy

Which 1956 film caused riots in cinemas?

A:  Rock around the clock

9. Founding Father Costumes

How better to get into the spirit than dressing up as a founding father or mother?

Here’s some great costumes for adult men and women.

Men’s Founding Father Costume

Women’s Founding Mother Costume

9. Mobile Bar Cart

At the end of the day, it’s time to open the bottom drawer and pull out the beverages! But this is the 4th of July so it’s time to do it in style. Don’t worry, if you want to be responsible here’s a great list of 30 Non Alcoholic Party Drinks.

There’s plenty of ways to create a moving bar cart with a few items sitting around the office. Here’s a few creative ideas our cracker jack Office Boy team came up with for you.

11. Potato Sack Race

You don’t have to be Irish or from Idaho to enjoy a good potato sack race. For those who my not be familiar or remember here’s how the potato sack race works you only need two things.

  1. Potato Sacks
  2. Rules of the Race

12. Egg Toss

We all remember throwing eggs back and forth with the loser dropping an egg, but did you know there are actually World Championships for the egg toss in the UK? They also invented a new twist on the game that you will be sure to not want to incorporate into your own Egg-Centric fun!

13. Tattoos

Ok so this might be a bit extreme but here at Office Boy we don’t shy away from body art that has true meaning. If you’re more on the conservative side, we recommend using tattoos won’t last a lifetime. Here’s a great place to find patriotic tattoos that make a statement and then go away on July 5.

Great 4th of July Temporary Tattoos

14. Face Painting

There’s only one problem with face painting at our 4th of July. If you don’t have anyone skilled in the art of painting faces, you will need to find a professional. Fortunately, we found a place ou can hire Professional Face Painters that will come to your office – It’s not a joke there’s over 100 professional face painters in DFW!

Professional Face Painters In Your Area