Internal Office Movers

Furniture Movers

  • Rearrange offices
  • Reconfigure cubicles
  • Assist with packing
  • Assemble new furniture
  • Haul off excess furniture
  • Same or next day services
  • Certificates of Insurance provided

Furniture Removal

For your excess asset removal

  • Vacating office space
  • Removing extra conference room chairs
  • Eliminating a row of cubicles
  • Dispose of unwanted items
  • Temporary moves to storage
  • Liquidate, re-purpose or recycle excess furniture
  • AV and IT cabling removal

Temporary Furniture Moves

For your remodeling projects

  • Tag/map/remove furniture for construction
  • Move cubicles for new carpet or painting
  • Put furniture back after construction
  • Take down and put back shelving
  • Steam clean and put back cubicles
  • Assistance with space planning
  • Quotes for new furniture

Furniture Installation

Experienced system furniture installers

  • Facilitate all disassembly, transport, and reassembly
  • Space planning and reconfiguration to maximize space
  • Plexiglass partition installation for cubicles, benching stations
  • Desk / workstation reconfiguration to create a “buffer zone”
  • Installation of modular private offices
  • Product receiving, storage, delivery and installation
  • Trained in handling Herman Miller, Steelcase, Haworth, Knoll, Teknion and other major manufacturers

Cubicle Movers

Create more space

  • Disassemble and reconfigure cubicles – it’s economical
  • Provide parts and components so you don’t have to deal with vendors
  • Modify and repair your cubicles rather than replace them
  • Haul off unwanted product to make more room in the office
  • Steam clean workstations to give them a fresh like new look
  • Assistance with space planning to optimize use, look, and feel

Wall Hangings

Get it right the first time

  • TVs, whiteboards and art
  • Stand-offs for glass whiteboards
  • Media displays
  • Wall-mounted overhead storage
  • Remove/rehang for painting projects


We know what to do

  • Assemble new shelving
  • Disassemble existing and reassemble
  • 4-Post Systems
  • Warehouse Rack Shelving
  • Wall-Mounted Shelving
  • Pallet Racks
  • Floor Mounting

Steam Cleaning

Bring your furniture back to life

  • Cubicle panels collect dirt and dust
  • Steam clean all panels
  • Clean your chairs
  • Wipe down work tops/storage pieces
  • Make furniture look new again
  • Freshen up your office over a weekend


(and thousands more)


We remain committed to putting the safety of our customers and team members first.

  • guys delivering furniture were professional and quick to complete the task.

    Charlyne K.

  • The gentlemen were friendly, courteous and timely. They went out of their way to make sure everything was done to our satisfaction.

    John W.

  • Staff were very professional and did what was required.

    David R.

  • Overall we are very pleased with customer service and very responsive.

    Ramesh L.

  • Great products; excellent service.

    Jim J.

  • The guys were great; very helpful and productive.

    Donna S.

  • You guys are awesome. Always a great job and fast!

    Derek D.

  • Sherwood is the best! Keeps his guys moving and they are in and out without a problem!

    Di Ann R.

  • Your guys are so helpful and courteous, as is your office staff.

    Cindy D

  • The crew sent to move us was outstanding.  I don’t say that lightly as I have experienced numerous moving crews professionally and personally, and they were the most courteous and professional that I have come across.  Office Boy should be...

    Kendall W.

  • I was going to email you this morning and let you know how WONDERFUL David and Eric were! They moved things around for us, even helped in a little decision making as far as placement of furniture. They were very...

    Kimberly D.

  • I just want you to know that everything went perfect and Office Boy is amazing.  We had a gentlemen come in and hang pictures and the pictures were all hung too low and Office Boy came and hung them CORRECTLY!!!!!  ...

    Theressa D W.

  • Carolyn, your "boys" ARE AWESOME!!!! Mr. Sherwood, Ed, Chance, and Pat were real troopers to load up at 1 location, and unload at 2 different locations, the last one being up 2 flights of stairs - God bless them! We...

    Mary Ellen P.

  • 2 of your employees just came out and did a few things around the office for us and they were AWESOME!!!! They went above and beyond what was expected and had a great attitude the entire time. They were WONDERFUL!...

    Nancy T.

  • Michelle, I want to compliment you on the excellent job done for us by Rene and Stacy this morning. They were very polite, friendly, and willing to do whatever needed to be done. In fact, they were doing such a...

    Charlotte B.

  • Carolyn, I really have enjoyed working with you and Sherwood. You have been so helpful! Sherwood and the guys were super professional. I have recommended you to several associates of mine and will continue to refer you to companies looking...

    Marcie B.

  • Your guys were excellent yesterday. They were in here and out in no time and were very, very helpful and attentive. Kudos to both of them!

    Cindy H.

  • Hello Sam, work completed and I just wanted to say your guys were great! Hardworking and very professional and fun to work with... actually a breath of fresh air. Again thanks.

    Roy T.

  • Sam, just wanted to say that Sherwood and Orlando and the rest of your crew did a fabulous job for us on the recent move. They were very professional and really made sure that we were taken care of during...

    Marty M.

  • Your guys (Clint & Michael, I believe) did a GREAT JOB. They were courteous, cheerful, efficient, and hardworking. They make a great team and have a wonderful attitude. They made an otherwise difficult task (moving is my least favorite job)...

    Carol C.

  • They were fabulous Mark! I mean it – the guys who came and moved our furniture were amazing! They came in, set up, we did a walk through, they packed everything carefully and unloaded everything wonderfully! We will definitely be...

    Jaclyn G.

  • I would also like to take this opportunity to tell you that you have a very good group of guys working for you.  They are customer oriented, have great attitudes and aim to please. I deal with a lot of...

    Darlene M.

  • I am a life time customer!! Your team today performed miracles!!!!! The guys did a wonderful job. Thank you and please let them know their kindness and patience was greatly appreciated.

    Leah S.

  • Michelle, Please pass on to Sam that the crew that came on Saturday did a great job. They were very organized and worked fast. I will put Office Boy on our list for future use. Thanks!

    Leticia L

  • Good Morning, I just wanted to take time out to let you know how pleased we are with Brad and the job he did on our logo. He was prompt, very friendly and courteous! We enjoyed having him here this...

    Fashion J.

  • Sam, I wanted to take a moment to tell you what an outstanding job Travis did for us this week. He is one of the hardest working individuals I've seen in a long time! We had a crucial deadline to...

    Mark M.

  • Hey Guys - Just a quick note of thanks. Your service was amazing and above all professional. I don't run into services like yours often and you deserve to know this.  Thank you.

    Handwritten – Can’t read Signature!