Q1W 658 Blade Bench Series

These desking pods are available (in certain finishes) for delivery within 1 week of order placement.

Other sizes and configurations are available, just not shown here.  And List Price is not Your Price!  Please call us for your discounted pricing, help with space planning, or any other specifications you may need.  Thank you!


BLADE Benching is designed to promote an environment conducive to effective communication.

Engineered with the team in mind, this system features an expanding beam support with add-on capabilities. This means that you can add any number of workstations, or simply reconfigure the entire pod using the existing pieces. Straight benching will also achieve the maximum person-per-room ratio.


  • Fully-Powered (Below- and Above-Surface)
  • Divider Screen & Storage Options
  • Cost-Effective & Space-Saving
  • Maximum Person-Per-Room Ratio
  • Modern, Open Plan Design


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658 Clear-Design-OVERVIEW-Price-Adjustments-2018