Move Plan And Equipment List

To ensure you have a smooth and successful move follow these steps.

Get printable version here.Office Boy Move Plan Handout

Inform Building Management

Contact your current and new location building management to

  • Schedule exclusive use of elevators and dock access.
  • Confirm Office Boy’s Certificate of Insurance is current and on file.

Prepare for Move Day

Get ready to move by being well prepared in advance for move day:

  • Using a floor plan of your new location – number or letter each office, cubicle, storeroom & open area where furniture/contents are to be placed. Then use this code to label ALL ITEMS (desks, crates, chairs etc.) so they make it to the correct destination.

Every item must have a label to be moved.

  • Make extra copies of the coded floor plan & post them at the new location. Movers will use this to easily identify the proper destination of all furnishings and contents.
  • Encourage your team to take all personal items home such as non-replaceable items, laptops, souvenirs & diplomas. Cardboard boxes can be provided for employees to use to transport these items to and from the house.
  • Labels, crates, boxes & packing materials will be provided (Please refer to your move proposal for more detail on packing supplies included for your project.) These supplies will be delivered prior to your move to ensure ample time to pack and label prior to our team’s arrival (see instructions on reverse side on how to use crates & more information on label placement). Please plan time to pack in advance of the move to allow extra time if additional packing supplies need to be delivered.
  • Carefully make note of and photograph any pre-existing damages on all furniture prior to move.
  • Walk through current and destination space to identify and photograph any pre-existing damages to the facility prior to the move.
  • Customers are responsible for disconnecting and reconnecting any water lines to refrigerators/ice machines etc. Please have these items disconnected prior to our team’s arrival.
  • If leasing your copier, please arrange for the leasing company to move it.
    • If the copier is not leased, Office Boy requires a signed Copier Moving Waiver.

Packing Tips

Follow these helpful packing tips:

  • Securely place labels on ALL items to be moved with the corresponding code (unlabeled items will not be moved).
  • Use correct packing materials when packing high-value or fragile items
    • Be sure to mark the crate as FRAGILE.
  • All items in desks/credenza etc. must be removed and/or packed in provided crates/boxes.
  • MODULAR FURNITURE: All overheads and drawers need to be emptied and pinned items on panels need to be removed.
  • All bookcases/shelves need to be packed.
  • Unload and pack top drawers in lateral file cabinets, bottom TWO drawers can stay loaded.
  • Remove all labels from crates after unpacking (required before returning).

During Move

Follow these important steps on move day to ensure success:

  • Before leaving your old space, walk through to ensure all labeled items were moved.
  • At the new location work with Office Boy crew to make any minor adjustments that will make employees happier with their new surroundings.
  • If requested, Office Boy can dispose of any unwanted office contents or furnishings following the move for an additional disposal fee.

How to Use Office Boy Crates

Place an open, empty crate on the provided crate dolly.

Stage crate stacks off to the side. Office Boy workers will move them as scheduled.

Pack contents in crate. DO NOT over pack. Ensure the lid closes. Affix your label to the end of each crate.

Reverse the packing process as you empty the crates. Remove labels and nest them together on the crate doll. Empty crates can be stacked up to 20 high.

Continue packing crates. Stack the crates 4 high per crate dolly. Repeat until completely packed.

How to Properly Label your Items