10 Major Office Moving Mistakes to Avoid


1.  Not calling building management

TIP: Building management has very specific rules about moving in and out, access, to loading areas, freight elevators, and rolling furniture through common areas. Give them a call first!

2.  Thinking you’re the only business moving

TIP: As soon as you know you’re moving, pick up the phone and get on your mover’s schedule. Good movers are busy, especially during the end of month when everybody’s lease is expiring.

3.  Thinking you’re the only person with answers

TIP: Make a contact list of all the people who can be contacted after hours when the movers run into an issue. There’s nothing worse than a move tthat gets stalled because nobody is answering the phone.

4.  Winging it with little to no information

TIP: Make a detailed inventory list of what needs to move, where it is and where it is going. Floor plans with room numbers, labels with room numbers, and noting unusual items are all important details.

5.  Neglecting to mention…

Pictures, tvs, and whiteboard hangings, disassembly, assembly, wall mounted hutches…

TIP: Give an accurate picture of the job so your mover shows up with the right tools and equipment.

6.  Assuming someone else is packing

TIP: Explicitly assign packing responsibility to your people or the moving company. Ask your mover for packing crates a week in advance if your people are packing their own desks.

7.  Thinking you can move during the day

TIP: Building management rarely if ever allows companies to move during office hours. That’s why you never see moving companies wondering the hallways in your office.

8.  Look out for Murphy’s Law…

People go on vacation or get sick. The boss decides to take furniture home rather than his new office. Another tenant wants your chairs.

TIP: Keep your moving company in the loop when changes happen to avoid wasting time, extra trips, and additional charges. The more they know the smoother your move will be for everyone.

9.  Thinking hiring 2 people is cheaper than 3

TIP: Unlike having a baby which takes 9 months no matter what. You’re mover can get a lot more done faster with 3 people than with 2 people.

10.  Not considering specialty skills

TIP: Some movers are better at centering and hanging 30 pictures down a hallway than others. Make sure you tell your mover you need someone with specific skills for the job at hand.