Support For Social Separation In The Office

Not everyone gets to work from home. Let’s make your office a safer place for employees.


1.  Rearrange Your Office

Making your office space safe is your top priority and you don’t have time for excuses, delays, or long drawn out quotes. Let us help you get setup in your new configuration right away. We can get a crew out to help you today or tomorrow!

2.  Office Cleanup And Junk Removal

Covid 19 is making everyone aware of cleanliness and the importance of protecting ourselves from germs. The last thing you need is to spend your time worrying about anything unrelated to your normal workday. Get an Office Boy crew to help get your office back in good working order.

3.  Rental Office Furniture

Are you facing construction delays or furniture delivery delays? If you need furniture fast so your people have a place to sit, we have desk, cubicles, and chairs you can rent while waiting for your new furniture to arrive.

4.  Moves To Temporary Storage

If you’re trying to make more room for your stay at work employees and need a place to temporarily store your office furniture so it’s safe and secure when your ready for them to come back, Office Boy will help you organize, move, and store your office furniture.

5.  Extra Helping Hand

Are you dealing with fewer employees around the office to help you get physical things done? Rely on Office Boy to help move, hang, rearrange, or remove anything that’s impacting your ability to continue business as normal.

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