• The guys were great; very helpful and productive.

    Donna S.

  • Great products; excellent service.

    Jim J.

  • Overall we are very pleased with customer service and very responsive.

    Ramesh L.

  • Staff were very professional and did what was required.

    David R.

  • The gentlemen were friendly, courteous and timely. They went out of their way to make sure everything was done to our satisfaction.

    John W.

  • guys delivering furniture were professional and quick to complete the task.

    Charlyne K.

  • Carolyn, your “boys” ARE AWESOME!!!! Mr. Sherwood, Ed, Chance, and Pat were real troopers to load up at 1 location, and unload at 2 different locations, the last one being up 2 flights of stairs – God bless them!

    We finished about midnight, and yes, we were all exhausted, but they still had their great sense of humor to keep it lively. Mr. Sherwood cracked me up with getting his guys in line and KEEPING them in line! Ed was so patient and simply responded, “Yes, Sir!” Chance took my “How’s the white boy hangin’ in?” in perfect stride. (I’m white.) And Pat was the quiet one who worked just as hard as all the others. (Somehow I think he’s probably not always that quiet, though!)

    You have an exceptional group of respectful, hard-working men, and I was so happy and appreciative to have the opportunity to work with them. I will definitely recommend your company to anyone needing movers. Gratefully,

    Mary Ellen P.

  • I was going to email you this morning and let you know how WONDERFUL David and Eric were! They moved things around for us, even helped in a little decision making as far as placement of furniture. They were very accommodating and I enjoyed working with them.  I am more than sure that we will be in touch in the near future regarding our other office and possible furniture set up over there.  Thank you.

    Kimberly D.

  • The crew sent to move us was outstanding.  I don’t say that lightly as I have experienced numerous moving crews professionally and personally, and they were the most courteous and professional that I have come across.  Office Boy should be pleased that they represent you!

    Again, I apologize for the unexpected move at the destination location.  Your guys handled it without any complaining and just got the job done. Thank you again!  It was a great move!


    Kendall W.

  • I just want you to know that everything went perfect and Office Boy is amazing.  We had a gentlemen come in and hang pictures and the pictures were all hung too low and Office Boy came and hung them CORRECTLY!!!!!   I am so glad to have found you.  We will be reaching out for more work very soon!

    Theressa D W.

  • Your guys are so helpful and courteous, as is your office staff.

    Cindy D

  • Sherwood is the best! Keeps his guys moving and they are in and out without a problem!

    Di Ann R.

  • You guys are awesome. Always a great job and fast!

    Derek D.

  • 2 of your employees just came out and did a few things around the office for us and they were AWESOME!!!! They went above and beyond what was expected and had a great attitude the entire time. They were WONDERFUL! We will definitely be calling on you guys again when needed. Thanks!

    Nancy T.

  • Michelle,

    I want to compliment you on the excellent job done for us by Rene and Stacy this morning. They were very polite, friendly, and willing to do whatever needed to be done. In fact, they were doing such a good job that we had them do more than we anticipated. I kept asking them “could you do this, how about that, and so on”. Their response was always; sure, we can do that. We definitely hope that they will come back next week when we need everything put back like it was!

    I would not hesitate to recommend Rene and Stacy; they represent your company very well. It is so nice to work with people so willing to do a job and to do it well. Thank you.

    Charlotte B.

  • Carolyn,

    I really have enjoyed working with you and Sherwood. You have been so helpful! Sherwood and the guys were super professional. I have recommended you to several associates of mine and will continue to refer you to companies looking for moving services and office furniture. Please let ownership know that the employees representing them work hard, are very knowledgeable, and guide the client thru the moving process seamlessly.

    I enjoyed working with all of you. Best Regards.

    Marcie B.

  • Your guys were excellent yesterday. They were in here and out in no time and were very, very helpful and attentive. Kudos to both of them!

    Cindy H.

  • Hello Sam, work completed and I just wanted to say your guys were great! Hardworking and very professional and fun to work with… actually a breath of fresh air. Again thanks.

    Roy T.

  • Sam, just wanted to say that Sherwood and Orlando and the rest of your crew did a fabulous job for us on the recent move. They were very professional and really made sure that we were taken care of during the move. Please be sure and let them know how much we appreciate all of their help.

    Marty M.

  • Your guys (Clint & Michael, I believe) did a GREAT JOB. They were courteous, cheerful, efficient, and hardworking. They make a great team and have a wonderful attitude. They made an otherwise difficult task (moving is my least favorite job) into a tolerable event. I am happy to recommend your company to anyone.


    Carol C.

  • They were fabulous Mark!

    I mean it – the guys who came and moved our furniture were amazing! They came in, set up, we did a walk through, they packed everything carefully and unloaded everything wonderfully!

    We will definitely be recommending you guys to other offices and will keep you in mind if we need to update furniture!

    Jaclyn G.

  • I would also like to take this opportunity to tell you that you have a very good group of guys working for you.  They are customer oriented, have great attitudes and aim to please. I deal with a lot of companies that are customer service based and I always enjoy working with your company. Any time I have had a problem you were right on top of it to make sure that it was corrected. I truly appreciate the service I get from you, it makes my job easier. Thank you.

    Darlene M.

  • I am a life time customer!! Your team today performed miracles!!!!! The guys did a wonderful job. Thank you and please let them know their kindness and patience was greatly appreciated.

    Leah S.

  • Michelle,

    Please pass on to Sam that the crew that came on Saturday did a great job. They were very organized and worked fast. I will put Office Boy on our list for future use.


    Leticia L

  • Good Morning,

    I just wanted to take time out to let you know how pleased we are with Brad and the job he did on our logo. He was prompt, very friendly and courteous! We enjoyed having him here this morning! In fact, everyone that you guys have sent to our site has been awesome! I would like to request Brad for any of our future needs, if he is available.  We look forward to doing business with you for years to come!

    Thank you so much!

    Fashion J.

  • Sam,

    I wanted to take a moment to tell you what an outstanding job Travis did for us this week. He is one of the hardest working individuals I’ve seen in a long time! We had a crucial deadline to meet on rearranging 3k sq. ft. of office space and we would never have met the deadline if it were not for him.

    We will be calling on Office Boy again in the near future for another project and will certainly request him again. We will also refer you and him to any other offices we have with any moving needs. Thanks for the help!

    Mark M.

  • Hey Guys –

    Just a quick note of thanks. Your service was amazing and above all professional. I don’t run into services like yours often and you deserve to know this. 

    Thank you.

    Handwritten – Can’t read Signature!