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We’ve Done This Just a Few Times Before!

For over thirty-five years, thousands of clients have relied on Office Boy for rigidly adherent, process-driven office moving services. Our three favorite words are Stable, Predictable and Anywhere! You want them to be yours as well. Below are a few case studies that demonstrate our exceptional service to our clients.


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Customer called when something happened, and the power went out in a section of cubicles. Office Boy sent an installer that had just finished another job, and they were able to troubleshoot and recognize that the base feed had been knocked loose.

A shipping company delivered new furniture and a white board to the dock on a pallet. The customer called and Office Boy had a crew onsite within the hour to deliver the furniture to the designated suite, assemble it, and install components.


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Building Manager called because they needed all construction materials moved from one entire floor to an adjacent building for a COVID vaccine clinic. Despite less than 24 hours’ notice, Office Boy had a crew onsite and got them up and running on schedule.

During an internal furniture move, an Office Boy customer decided that some of their items needed to go to storage. Office Boy was able to get a truck to the crew and work with building management to move the extra material to an offsite storage.


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An Office Boy Customer called on a Saturday and a pipe had burst on their first floor. Furniture was being damaged in the space and in the storage area below. Office Boy was able to bring in a crew and quickly move everything out of the flooded areas.

A tornado hit Dallas one evening, and a customer’s building was damaged. All furniture had to be removed. They called Office Boy the next morning and a crew was onsite that day and for several days thereafter to move everything to storage pods.


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The CEO of a mid-sized firm planned to tour their Dallas office, and the office manager requested several pieces of art to be displayed in advance of his walkthrough. She called Office Boy to coordinate the installation, ensure that each piece would be hung to enhance the office’s aesthetic to impress the CEO.

Office Boy efficiently organized a few crew members on the same day or request to hang the new artwork and that included rearranging some additional furniture around the office items to revitalize the space.


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A law firm required important documents to be transported to their satellite office in Tyler, Texas for an ongoing case, so they reached out to Office Boy for assistance. We quickly loaded the boxes and ensured their safe delivery to a hotel, where the firm had established a temporary office space for the duration of the trial.

Additionally, our team meticulously organized the documents upon arrival, streamlining the setup process for the legal team. This contributed to the smooth operation of the trial proceedings at the remote location.


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The client contacted Office Boy in distress after their initial moving company encountered an issue with inadequate insurance to access the building. This unexpected setback left the client in a state of panic, especially since they had already begun the moving process and were scheduled to relocate that weekend.

Our team promptly met with the client to assess their space and successfully took over the remainder of the moving process, ensuring everything proceeded as planned without any further complications.


“Anywhere”©, building to building, floor to floor, or across the hall.

Award-Winning Service

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We’re proud to be acknowledged as an IREM Champion

All of the Total Office Solutions family of companies respect IREM and its constituent property managers for the responsibility they have to the building owner and the tenant community. Property Management is a tough and challenging business; IREM members “do it” and make it look easy!

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planet earth award

Office Boy is proud of its sister company Move Solutions for winning its first ever “Planet Earth” Award

The Office Moving Alliance’s (OMA) 1st Place Sales Award

Move Solutions is a founding partner of OMA: a global office moving industry platform. We’re proud of the many years of growth and our place in the midst of that growth. Thank you to our unbelievable OMA Members around the world!

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